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Monument :Tatishchev Vasiliy Nikitich (1686 - 1750) in Togliatti

Vasily Nikitich Tatishchev (1686-1750) - Russian historian and statesman. He graduated from the Moscow Engineering and artillery school. He participated in military campaigns, managed state-owned factories in the Urals. Founder of cities such as Yekaterinburg, Perm, Chelyabinsk, Orenburg, Orsk. A versatile scientist. Posted by The History of the Russian state since ancient times, many works on geography, was the first Russian Encyclopedic Dictionary.
In 1737, Tatishchev was founded the city of Stavropol - now the city of Togliatti. 

 Monument :
For masonry pedestal used limestone slabs Shiryaevo career. The height of the pedestal is 14 meters, sculptures - 7,5 meters. The material - limestone, bronze.
It was built with the fund "Spiritual Heritage" or donations of organizations, institutions and citizens. The total cost amounted to 14,134,000 451 rubles 75 kopecks. Another 835 thousand cost the accomplishment of adjoining territory.
Author: People's Artist of Russia, sculptor Alexander Rukavishnikov (Moscow), architect A. Kochekovsky. We collected a monument sculptors Rukavishnikova creative workshop led by chief project engineer Michael Katanova and the foreman Leonid Petukhov. In the erection of the monument builders participated JI SC Gidromontazh "under the guidance of Goritsky.
The monument was erected in the form of a miniature fortress of Peter the Great's era - the masonry wall with protruding polygonal towers. In the center - a magnificent stone statue on a giant pedestal. Rukavishnikov said that in the process have been made some changes in the sculptural composition. Initially it was assumed that the rider must show his hand in the direction of flood Stavropol, but decided that it would be better to skip the neutral gesture in the direction of Togliatti.
For masonry pedestal used limestone slabs Shiryaevo career. The height of the pedestal 14 m, sculpture - 7,5 m. The material - limestone, bronze. Cast the monument in Poland and Belarus, and the most complex elements - in the Czech Republic.
A monument to the founder opened Sept. 2, 1998 by the then mayor of Togliatti Sergei Zhilkin. The opening was attended by descendants Tatishcheva: brother and sister Nicholas and Mary Zhestkovy.
Located on the banks of the monument to the reservoir, because, in the opinion of the sculptor, is the most successful place: at every sculpture to be a suitable background, and old buildings in Togliatti not. And as a monument to the founder of the city is not far from the city he founded, now located at the bottom of the Zhigulevsky Sea.Monument Tatishchev, rear view
Despite the fact that the monument was created in the people's money, he does not enjoy great popularity among the townspeople. Periodically, the horse suspended balloons, but to clean graffiti from the pedestal of power do not have time, making it only in preparation for the celebration of the city.
Nevertheless, the image of the statue is the most common image of the city, becoming almost its official symbol. It can be seen virtually everywhere: from tickets to cognac labels.

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